03 Jul 2023

What is Net Zero? Welcome to the Net Zero Index…

What is Net Zero? Welcome to the Net Zero Index…

Net Zero is one of the most crucial environmental topics of our time. Governments worldwide are setting targets to achieve it, and companies are following suit. The scientific consensus highlights its significance for the future well-being of our planet.

But what does Net Zero mean, and how will The Net Zero Index contribute to the UK’s net zero goals and serve as an example to the world?

Governments and industries are investing billions in research and alternative fuels to bring emissions down to net zero. Ambitious targets have been set to drive this transformation. Currently, only a fraction of companies measure and report their emissions, limiting our understanding of their environmental impact. The Net Zero Index aims to change that by expanding the coverage and granularity of emissions data, enabling a comprehensive understanding of the carbon footprint of every company in the UK. Data plays a crucial role in combating emissions and accelerating the path to net zero, and that’s where The Net Zero Index comes in.

Powered by mnAi, an award-winning data platform featuring exclusive UK emissions data, The Net Zero Index will provide real-time mapping of greenhouse gas emissions for every company in the UK, from villages to cities and local authorities. It’s a game-changing resource that positions the UK at the forefront of the net zero movement.

In the coming weeks leading up to our launch, we will share more information about the powerful tools and benefits offered by The Net Zero Index. Stay tuned for updates. If you’re interested in partnering with us or have any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact Marc Humphrey or anyone on our team. Together, we will achieve a sustainable future.